Sling Instructions

2 pieces of cotton fabric about 2 and 2/3-3/4 yards long 40 inches wide, depending on the size of the person and the length of the "tail" desired.

2 rings-- 3 inches, I used metal ones from Walmart.

1)If you want pockets-- create them on the piece of fabric that will be your "inside" fabric-- making sure that they are close to the end of the tail and the open end points "up" and the closed end(s) are near the bottom. After sewing on the pockets go to step two.
2)Pin, clip, or baste fabric right sides back to back and sew around the bottom (where the pockets are) and the two sides. Leave the top open to turn right side out after sewing.
3)After turning right side out-- fold fabric at the open end like this: Right side and left side meet in the middle. Then repeat... right side and left side meet in middle again.

4)Thread the rings about 10-12 inches and fold the open end down.
5)To secure the rings pull the top layer of fabric over many other layers and sew from one end to the other.

6)Then sew another straight line about 1/4 up through all the layers. Then sew another straight line about 1 inch higher from the second line. This should secure rings for being able to give a hearty pull to tighten while baby is in the sling.

7)To finish thread the tail (with pockets) through the rings-- the fold above with the sides meeting in the middle twice folded works well.